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We Specialize in Custom Self-Managing Shopping Cart Software for a Full ECommerce Solution. We Also Write Custom CGI Scripts for Our Customersí Specific Needs, in Perl and Java Script.

Shopping Cart Software
When it comes to Shopping Cart software, we have one of the most flexible and unique carts in the industry. Since we have written our own shopping cart we are able to customize it to each of our customersí unique needs. If the clients need their shopping cart to mark an item (that is in limited quantity) as sold when it runs out, then our shopping cart software can be modified to do that. If our client needs to do recurring billing for memberships or a 6 month installment plan, our shopping cart software can be modified to do that too. We pride ourselves that we are capable of modifying our cart to fit in with whatever your particular needs truly are, and it allows our shopping cart to perform some of the work you would normally have to do yourself or had to delegate to someone else to do. Our shopping cart software is written in Perl and run on the server side which keeps your information and your clientís informayion very secure. But the feature that excites our clients the most about our shopping cart software is the self management control panel that gives our clients the ability to add or change items, prices, availability, images, etc., at will, without incurring any additional web design fees.
This makes our shopping cart software an ideal part of an ECommerce solution when a off-the-shelf shopping cart is not adequate to perform the job.


Custom CGI Scripting (Perl Programing)
We are most noticed for our work in creating the dynamic backbone of the web site, specifically the scripts we write in Perl and Java. We believe that a web site should not just look pretty, it should offer a dynamic, interactive experience for the user, while at the same time making our clientís life a little easier. We have written scripts to perform all sorts of services, from searching tools, cgi bin guest book cgi, or add me to a mailing list to traffic analyzing tools, auction prompters, and even web crawlers.
If you are in need of having a web site that performs a specific task or feature, we can write a script to make that possible.

Priceing Options
When it comes to script development there are 2 options:

Lease Contract:
Many of our customers prefer the Lease Contract because it is a cost-effective way to gain the use of a custom script with professional features without it becoming a costly investment. The way this arrangement works is like this: The script is usually made by modifying (to the customerís needs) a script that had already been developed by us already, the ownership of the script stays with Non-Linear Productions. The scripts are hosted on our server, and if one day another customer needs a script of similar ability, we will most like copy that last script that was made and modify it for their needs, thus spreading out the development costs of that script among several clients, making it cost-effective for all parties. The only drawback with this arrangement is that any specially-written algorhythms that were written for your needs may also benefit others. The cost of this service is added to the server fee as a Monthly Lease, usually an extra $20 to $200 per month depending on what is invoved in developing it and what future modifications are involved (see *Note), usually most scripts will not exceed $50 per month during their lifetime of use (see *Note). Please also note the leasing fee does not include the Web Hosting Fee, what would also be added to the cost.

Exclusive Contract:
If you are in need for a script which you need the exclusive rights to (like a Gateway script or web crawler) and have the budget for it, then the exclusive contract is right for you. The script would be designed to your specification (usually made from scratch / sometimes modified from other scripts) to be under your control, once itís been completed it can be hosted on either your or our server, etc. The cost for this type of service is $75 per hour (and a script like this could take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month).


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*NOTE: The concept of the "Leased Contract Scripts" was designed to make the customerís dynamic web site needs as economical as possible. So if you were requesting a script that we already have developed (such as a shopping cart or search feature), then we would modify it to your needs and your leasing of that script would be at the lowest possible cost, in this case $20 per month. But if we had to develop it from scratch, then the lease would probably be a little more, usually between $40 to $60 per month. The only way that your script lease could extend beyond that is if at some future point you required some form of additional modification to your script, then your lease would be increased; but even there the increase would not normally go beyond $5 or $10. So the idea was that if you needed additional modifications to your scripts, you were probably not going to need more then 2 or 3 in a lifetime. Letís say in the case of your shopping cart, then your shopping cart would still not exceed $50 a month, and thus remain an economical solution for you. If for some reason you prefer not to have the lease increase when you would have the option of paying the $75 per hour for your modifications. Please also note the leasing fee does not include the Web Hosting Fee, which would also be added to the cost.  

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